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Various sizes available, two locations, easy access
Schneider Lawn Care
A local family owned and operated lawn care business.

Our specialties include: lawn care, landscaping, garden tilling, edging sidewalks, as well as monument foundations and other small cement jobs (steps, sidewalks, etc.), snow plowing, and other projects!


202 North Harrison Street
Saint Paul, Indiana 47272
(812) 663-6185


(812) 663-6185
St. Paul Tavern

Stop in for some of the best food, entertainment, and company in Southeast Indiana!

Pet Boarding services

Boarding facility for dogs and cats while you are on vacation or away from home.
Dogs under 50 pounds $14 per day
Dogs 50 pounds and over $15 per day
Additional pets that can stay together are half price.
Cats $8 per day
Call for more information!

Wild West Auction House

Hold on to your horses as we start the Wild West Auction! Don't worry, there will be no shootings but thing may get a little loud when that vintage 1934.... sorry but you must stop in to see what items are up for bid.

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