Easter Egg Hunt 2015

On Saturday, March 28, 2015 the St. Paul Gym hosted their first Easter Egg Hunt! Over 90 children along with their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles arrived to find the Easter Bunny himself waiting to take pictures with them. He had already hidden over 3,000 eggs. These eggs were filled with candy and toys. One child in each age group found a special egg allowing them to win a basket full of goodies! Ms. Dee Hogg was contacted by the Easter Bunny and asked to offer face painting for free to all, and she did a great job.

Many members of the community helped by donating time and money to make this event possible. We would like to thank them. They were:

You may share these low resolution digital images, but PLEASE DO NOT copy, print, or edit the pictures. You can order great quality high resolution prints by emailing Melissa at melissa.smith413@gmail.com. The cost is $5 per 5X7 or $8 per 8X10! I am told this is greatly discounted just for this occasion. We appreciate that very much Melissa!!

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You can find the article written by Brent Brown of the Greensburg Daily News here. Thanks to Brent for always noticing the many things our little town has to offer.

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