Christmas Decorations

As some may have noticed around town that some Christmas decorations have been placed on some of the utility poles.

downtownangel downtownsnowflake

Ten of these decorations were purchased and will be placed around the downtown area.  Some of the utility connections and brackets need to be repaired or replaced in order to get the rest of the decorations placed on the poles and working properly.  Duke Energy has been contacted and will hopefully be able to assist in resolving the issue. Special thanks to Crystal Clear Window Cleaning and Charity Wilder for ordering lights and repairing the above decorations.

JMP Hobby is working on a surprise for the downtown area.  I’m also hoping to place lights on the trees that were donated by Juddy Rehm in front of the post office.  In order for this to happen I would like to see if anyone has any Green extension cords approximately 20 ft in length that they would be willing to donate to the cause.  If anyone has any multi colored outdoor lights those also would be appreciated.  Email or send me a message on Facebook if you would like to donate. Also, Josh Chaney has agreed to assist with installing an outdoor power outlet to supply power to this display.  I am hoping to decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Please keep an eye on the facebook site for further information.

If you own a building or business downtown and would also like to celebrate the Holiday’s with the Town please feel free to place lights in your windows and decorate.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season, pay it forward, and check back soon for more information.

-Dave Henderson

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