Potholes and Cold patch


We recently ordered and have received approximately 8 tons of asphalt cold patch.  In the near future we will be out filling some of the pot holes that have developed.  Purchasing cold patch in bulk has proven to be the most cost effective solution and maximizes the amount of pot holes we can fill.  It is nearly impossible to know where each and every pot hole is in Town, however, you can help!!  I am posting a form at the bottom of this post that can be used to report the location of potholes.  Please list an address or the nearest intersection in the form.  We will try and get to it as soon as possible.  I am going to reach out to community corrections and attempt to get a work detail scheduled in the near future to help fill some of these.  This should also keep the cost of this project to a minimum and maximize the number of potholes that we can fill.


Dave Henderson

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