Update and Travel Status App

Just an update on the Christmas Decorations.  We have a total of six decorations up and working along Washington Street.  I believe this is all that will be put up for this year because I’ve ran out of time to get them up.  However, I don’t think its a bad start since its been so many years since the decorations were put up.

I would also like to encourage everyone to download the Travel Status App provided by the Indiana Department of Home Land Security.  You can read more from the state about the App by Clicking Here.  You can also find a link to download the App for your Android or Apple Device.

This App will hopefully cut down on the number of phone calls that are placed to Dispatch inquiring about road conditions and/or Travel Status.  Please keep in mind when the weather is bad the dispatchers are extremely busy with emergency calls and calling them to ask “How bad are the Roads?” may take their attention away from emergencies.  Download the app and setup the alerts for the counties that you typically travel in or through.

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