Weather is Changing

The weather is changing and the fall harvest is in full swing.  The St. Paul Police Department recently sent out a reminder about Farm Vehicles on the roadway.  Please watch out for these vehicles as we have a grain elevator in town.  Please remember to be patient, watch out when cresting hills, and to only pass if its safe and necessary.

Keep in mind with the weather change that if you are burning yard waste or other items that the fields are much drier than they have been. Pay close attention to your surroundings and wind direction.  Remember the town has a Burn Site available.

The town snow plow is in the process of being prepped and inspected for readiness.  The town was able to purchase approximately 20 tons of salt last winter prior to the high demand and high price situation developed last year. Remaining salt from that purchase should be enough for this winter.  Enjoy the photo submitted below by Nickie Lemmons as this is in our not so distant future.

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